Welcome to Tax Tracker, the NZ Income Tax liability budgeting tool to help you stay on top of your Inland Revenue tax liabilities.

As they say, knowledge is power, so you now have the power to budget for those tax payments which are months away to ensure no tax surprises in the future.

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Tax Tracker App
Tax Tracker App
Tax Tracker App
Tax Tracker App
Tax Tracker App

How to use Tax Tracker

Tax Tracker is a income tax budgeting tool, incorporating terminal and provisional tax payments under the NZ tax system. As with any tool it is only as good as the information that goes into it, therefore we recommend that you consult your tax accountant if you are unsure of any settings.

Tax Tracker Wizard

Use the Tax Tracker Wizard to capture and track your Company and Personal tax liabilities using a colour coded system, with orange representing company tax liabilities and blue representing your personal tax liabilities.

The Tax Tracker Wizard will automatically assign the correct terminal tax and provisional tax dates based on your balance date, GST registration basis, and if you have an IRD agreed extension of time or not.

If during the initial setup you have made an error when selecting a setting, resulting in incorrect dates please use the Reset Tax Tracker option under Settings and start over, checking your selections and consulting your accountant at each step if you need to.


Toggle the reminder settings to ‘on’ to have Tax Tracker remind you 7 days before the due date, and then on the due date at 12pm that a tax payment is required to be made to IRD.

Daily Countdown

Tax Tracker has a daily countdown for each of your income tax payments so that you can keep track of the number of days for your upcoming liabilities. Once the number reaches 0 it turns red to show that the amount is now overdue.

Budget Calculator

Tax Tracker has a built in budget calculator which provides a weekly tax budget figure based on the tax liability amount and the number of days between the tax due date and the date you setup the Tax Tracker system.

Allocated/IRD Payments

Tap the tax display panel in the main screen and you are presented with a detailed box showing the budget amount with a progress bar and allocate and IRD payment buttons.

Use the allocate payments button if you are a taxpayer who has a separate tax bank account setup that you deposit funds into to meet your tax liabilities. You would allocate a payment when this is transferred into your tax account. If you dip into this account for whatever reason, then use the minus button to remove an amount.

Use the IRD payment button if you are a taxpayer who makes mini installments/payments, or have a payment plan with IRD for your provisional or terminal tax liabilities. If payments are transferred or refunded at an IRD level then use the minus IRD payments button to remove these from the app.

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